Happy Belated Father's Day.. lol

Sorry for the extremely late blog post, but here's a Father's day video (which I did release a few days before Father's Day) I made with a fellow family that I know of. I've known their kids for quite sometime and I knew their characters would fit perfectly in this short video project.

Thanks to my sister who helped out, the parents, and our trusty shot list, we were able to shoot the video project in less than 4 hours!

The scene where the Dad was locked in the bathroom and having to use a screwdriver to get out represents one of the roles a Father does in the home.  Things brake down in the house and its dad to the rescue!

Another important role that Father's must carry out! hehe...

This video is dedicated to all going out to all of the hard working dads out there who watch over, care, nurture, and lead their families.  And a very special thank you going out to the Gagatam family for making the success of this video possible!