UPDATED 4.9.2010 - Everyone Needs (Music Video) - Premiering April 11 on YouTube!

[ the official teaser trailer ]

Hey everyone! Here's the latest update on the progress of our music video project!

The completion of this music video is almost done. There's just one more day's worth of shooting and the shooting phase is finally completed. We're already halfway in our editing phase for the video. So from the visual side of the music video, everything is coming together really nicely. The instrumental and vocal recording for the song is almost complete! The recording of the song was just... epic... It's basically a combo of symphony, piano, guitar, chimes, and drums. After listening to it, I knew we are on to something "dramatically epic!" Combining that to the footage I took with the Canon 500D... it's just.... wow..... speechless....

The music video will premier on YouTube on April 11, 2010. We are entering this music video into Jennifer Chung's 2010 music video contest. Hopefully well get great results and feedback from the judges and viewers!

The featured artist who will be singing the cover of this song is Linda Tram. She has an amazing voice. Check out her work on YouTube -- http://www.youtube.com/LindaTram

With that said, here's some snapshots of the video, as well as footage from behind the scenes of the making of our music video.

Well that's all for now! This is our last update of the production of our music video. The next time I post a blog is when we've released the video! Hooray! Hope you're looking forward to it!

--Justin Niere