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Hello everyone! Justin here. I thought it'd be nice to share a bit more about the success of one of my best short films, which is a Christian drama short called, "Left Behind." You've probably seen the movie already, knowing that it's been out on YouTube for like 5 months and the mass online advertising of this movie). Let me just give you a glimpse back before the production of the this film started.

A month before April 11, 2009, I got together with two of the church elders, one of them, a former professor in teaching film. We were thinking of doing a short film for the upcoming church family life retreat in April 2009, and we wanted to emphasize the essence that having a bonding relationship with God and family are two crucial aspects of life that we believed the people needed to know about. That is how this film originated and came about. The film portrays two different individuals, each facing the reality issues of life, but also portraying their relationship with God and family, and how it affected them both physically and spiritually.

After planning and mapping out the film production process, we spent 3 weeks working on the movie. During the production process, there were no scripts. So the actors had to study and relate to the topics of the scene. After they understand their role in the scene, we begin the video shoot and the actors improvise their lines in their own words. The very first scene of the movie, for instance, was 100% improv. Another scene, which was shot at a local cemetery was 100% improv as well so we did face some difficulties along the way but we made it.

After the three long, painstaking weeks of video shooting and editing, the film was finally finished and on April 11, 2009, during the church weekend retreat, the film made it's official premiere on the big screen, impacting the lives of the church members who saw it, and sending a clear, strong, motivational message to strengthen relationships with God and family. An official movie trailer was posted on YouTube, informing the public of the soon release of the movie.

Four days later, on April 15, 2009, the film was finally released on YouTube, and within 5 months after it's release, with the help of fellow friends and church members, the film reached out to over 20 countries worldwide with over 2,000 views!

On August 29, 2009, 5 months after the film's premiere and release, we had the privilege again to feature this film at one of our local Seventh-day Adventist churches in the community. So we put together a Saturday afternoon vesper program called, "Music&Film" a presentation of our church's music and media ministry, which turned out to be a huge success.

The outstanding number of views and popularity of the short film urged the church to create hundreds of DVD copies to send out to the public for free. The movie even has it's very own souvenir t-shirt!

Thank you to all of you who has viewed and supported us in the ministry of this movie! Please share this also with your loved ones, friends, and relatives so that they too can experience God's love and goodness through the story of this movie.

God bless!
--Justin Niere (Asst. director & video producer of "Left Behind")